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April - May 2024 Newsletter

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Hi, everyone!! Sorry for the late news post. And since it's so far behind, we're going to be using it to cover both April and May updates (hopefully we'll be back on track by June!). It's another smallish update - there's not too much to report. We're now into the last few weeks of the semester and it's hitting us both really hard. But by the time June rolls around, we should be able to start getting ourselves back on track. Thank you all once again for your patience and we hope you're having a lovely spring season so far!


We know there hasn't been much going on in the way of all the suggestions left in our suggestions channel, but we do read them and take them into consideration and they are always in the back of our minds as we go about work with the site. We did, however, take some time to sit down and go through all the suggestions that had accumulated so far this month! A lot of them were things that we'd already gradually implemented across the discord/website over these past couple months (like some events and other minor suggestions such as channels/rule adjustments/etc. etc.). So we wanted to take this time to just let you all know that there will always be things that won't really make it to the table due to the specifics of how we personally want things to work, as far as site stuff goes. But that said, your suggestions and input are very important to us and we definitely want to do more with a lot of the things that have been suggested so far! So don't think that we're not interested just because something that has been suggested hasn't been implemented yet. Many of the things that users suggest are site related and we can't really change them overnight. But like we said, they're always in the back of our minds as we go about the development of the site and we're working hard to make sure that people get the things that they want - to the best of our abilities, within the scope of our overall vision for the site!

Monthly Prompts

There was a bit of a delay on our March-April prompts, but we're happy to say that the monthly prompts for March, April, AND May (a little bit early) are now live. We'll be working on overhauling them a bit in the future (potentially by the time June comes about, but unfortunately we can't make any guarantees right now). For now though - and until stated otherwise - they're running along the same guidelines/standards as usual.

Spring Festival

The April porition of the Spring Festival is now live! Due to the pretty big delay, the events will run through April and all the way to the end of May. Additionally, the February portion of the Spring Festival will continue for that same duration as well!


The rewards for past minigames are finally in the process of being distributed. If you haven't received your rewards yet, don't worry! We're not done quite yet - it's a slow and tedious process, but we're getting there. Thank you so much for all your patience! We know you all have been waiting a long time.

Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon can now be created as official characters of the Glowchus arpg! These characters are distinctly separate from the "world governing forces" legendaries in that they are NOT "world governing forces" and they similarly cannot produce heralds - but they can be Luminarians! Similarly, they tend to be on the smaller side when compared to their diety counterparts (especially when it comes to larger legendaries) and are not immortal like said counterparts (although they do generally have a much longer than average lifespan - typically around the 300-500 years mark). Despite this, they are often very highly regarded by society, their social statuses being on par with royalty and and are often chosen as political/religious/societal figureheads. Because we don't want them all over the place, they can only be made with Premium Vouchers - but both the standard premium vouchers and the account locked equivalents can be used! Any legendary can be created with the exception of Arceus, Giratina, and also Yveltal, Eternatus, and Necrozma (for story reasons, but this could potentially change later).

February 2024 Newsletter

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It's the start of February, and we hope the new year has been treating you all well so far! Unfortunately with the start of the school semester for many of us, things haven't been as productive around here as we'd hoped. But we worked really, really hard to bring you something special this month, and that's the return of Glowchus's festival events! We'll be kicking things off starting with the Hearts Festival (February), which will go live at some point later today. We can't make it as grand as we would have liked, considering limitations on everyone's time at the moment, but for our first returning festival, we're fairly proud of the result! Additionally, as an unfortunate result of just a plain lack of time, a lot of the festival rewards/items/currencies aren't functional just yet, but that will (hopefully) be something you'll see within the next week or two here! Thank you so much for your patience! We appreciate you all more than you could ever know <3 EggMS3.png we get started, as most of you probably know by now, one of our longest-standing and most beloved members, Mew, has been facing a lot of unexpected hardship recently. Last month, we put together a GoFundMe for her in hopes that it would provide some support in the midst of her current situation. The campaign is still running and members can show their community spirit by donating to the cause here or directly to Liz's paypal. We've raised a ton of money for her so far, but she's not entirely out of the woods yet. Remeber, every little bit helps! She's currently selling some of her own designs to help with moving expenses. These can be found here. And be on the lookout for one or two more Glowchus fundraising sales on her behalf - all of the proceeds for which will go directly to Liz!

Otherwise, it's going to be a pretty quiet month, but as usual, we've provided a brief outline of changes/adjustments/additions that have occured or that will actively be worked on during the month of February.

Radiance Distribution
Radiance distrubution for prompt has been increased since our previous announcement! Rewards went from 20R to 30R and 30R to 50R respectively depending on the prompt. Similarly, prompts now have a cap on the total Radiance that can be earned based on the base Radiance distrubution rates, which are as follows: 10 = 20, 30 = 50, and 50 = 80. Bonuses can be applied to (some, but not all) prompt submissions up to the cap. Once the cap has been reached, no additional bonuses can be applied. The cap allows for the Amulet Coin bonus, on top of one (or more, depending on the value) additional bonuses.

Monthly Prompts
Our next monthly prompt should be live at the same time the newsletter goes up! Last month the theme was Begin Again. This month, tying in with the theme of February, the theme is Love Yourself. Just as a casual reminder, there's no time limit on monthlies! You are more than welcome to participate in them at your leisure. While you may only make one submission per monthly, you can do so on your own timetable. If you missed January and we're already into December, you can still submit a prompt for January, as long as you haven't already done so! <3

Festivals are getting a revival this month, starting with the Spring Festival (although they probably won't be going live until later today)! Festivals will now be handled seasonally rather than monthly, with specific events that can only be participated in based on specific months of the season. We're going pretty minimal on them for now, but hopefully by the time the next one rolls around (we're skipping summer, so the next will be fall), events/features/systems/etc will be a little more ironed out and less chaotic. As always, we appreciate your patience!

March 2024 News

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A bit of a delay on this one, but that's because there's not much to post this month, I'm afraid! School and work have been keeping us all pretty busy, to the point where, as you've probably noticed by now, we weren't actually able to get around to the March events for this year's Spring Festival. As a result, we've decided (even if it's a bit late) to extend February's events into March as well and we're treating it as a new "cycle" of the event. What that means basically is that if you already hit your participation cap for the event back in February, you can participate again as though the cap were refreshed in March!

We're focusing on fleshing out more of the site's core systems now, like rules, design guidelines, character families, currency distribution information, crafting, foraging, etc, etc now rather than getting events up (since we have a decent chunk up already). But we're going to do our best to get April's festival events up at the very least. Thank you all again for your patience! <33

The G1 news you've all been waiting for (probably)

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Hello, everyone!! Today we're going to be addressing something that we've been thinking about for a long time now - or since the revival of the website, at the very least. And that speficially is the limitations we currently have placed on G1 characters. Historically, G1 has always tended to be more exclusive, with G2 being where the main user involvement was centralized. But with the revival of the website, the rise in numbers in our community, among other varying factors, we've come to the decision that we'd like to remove the "exclucivity" aspect that has always applied to G1 and, like G2, have it be more open so that there aren't people who are barred from being a part of it simply because of a (mostly) arbitrary character cap. So, the tl;dr of it, to sum up everything that will be written below, is that we're removing the character cap and, moving forward, G1 is open to everyone (with a few exceptions/conditions/etc that are addressed below).

Character Caps
When we say that we're removing the character cap, we mean specifically as it pertains to G1 story mains overall. Certain character categories in G1 still have physical caps to the amount of characters that can be created for them (ex. 19 Originals) and certain families in G1 still have caps on the total amount of children they can have - specifically as far as originals go (ex. Water/Grass with their cap of 2 and Dragon/Fairy/Dark with their cap of 3). But the amount of characters that can be created for G1 overall no longer has a limit. This will allow people to have certain characters as mains that would have previously been treated as sides (such as half-glowchu children and predecessor offspring) otherwise, and also lifts the main character cap currently placed on all previous members.

Character Registrations (both paid and unpaid)
Throughout the history of G1, we have had alternating waves of payments for characters in exchange for "officiality" being required versus not being required. While G1 characters registrations before this point were officially unpaid, with the changes being made, they have been reverted back to being paid. Any characters that were unpaid that are currently registered will remain registered, but any characters that are registered down the line will require vouchers. Anyone who has a currently unpaid G1 main (which is basically everyone with a G1 story main at this point), will not be affected overall by this change, but unpaid characters will be formally account-locked and if traded, they will lose their main status and the new owner will need to pay to have them registered again (not that I expect anyone to actually trade their characters, but we want to address it just so the conditions are laid out regardless).

The Dividing Line Between Stock Preds/Preds and Side Clones/Clones
With this update, there is no longer a distinction between what were formerly known as Stock Predecessors versus Predecessors, or similarly, Side Clones versus Clones. The original clones/predecessors you associate with G1 are simply subgroups among a larger whole - kind of along the lines of the subgroups you commonly see in G2! It is important to note, however, that lorewise, Predecessors did not survive and the chance that we will end up including any others (aside from the original 10) beyond anything other than the prequel is very slim and therefore we would not recommend registering them as mains unless you're planning to port them into G2. Predecessors are the only G1 species that can be ported to G2.

Character Designs and Portrayal
Characters in G1 adhere to stricter design standards and overall characterization standards. This is something that will be elaborated upon later once we get the Creating a Character page fully updated. But in short, G1 characters cannot have mutations and must adhere to the standard of Glowchu designs (simple markings, no extra markings, normal colors, etc etc) - with few exceptions. They are also treated as being feral (more along the lines of what you see in the traditional pokemon anime) and we prefer that they aren't humanized (given full on clothes/weapons/houses/etc) in absolutely any capacity as they are still wholly beneath humans both in terms of intelligence and social hierarchy compared to G2 where they are the dominant species and more human-like in behavior/portrayal/social standing.

Character Trading/Selling/Etc/Generation Swapping
Because 90% of the characters in G1 are directly descended from the characters of others, we need to treat the selling/trading/etc of these characters a little differently than we would traditionally. If you pay for a voucher in order to create a character in G1, with very few exceptions, you are doing so only with the consent of the person whose character that YOUR character will invariably be tied to. For this reason, we can't simply allow people to trade/sell their G1 characters at their discretion, as it would directly impact the people whose characters that character is tied to. In situations where G1 characters are placed under new ownership, in absolutely any situation, unless the owners of the characters who are affected by that transfer are wholly aware and agree to said changes, the character will maintain it's officiality, but will be "demoted" to G2. We're not sure how we're going to handle the demotion process just yet, as it can result in some weird activity conflicts. So as of right now, it's not something users are volunarily able to do with their characters, but that's definitely something that's possible for the future!

There may be some points that we forgot to touch on or that will need more elaborating. If so, we'll add them as points on this news post as they come about! Otherwise, I think  we covered everything relatively well. But if you have any questions/concerns/etc, don't hesitate to reach out! <3

Spring Festival Flyer

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Activity: Mystery Match


Who's that Pokemon? It's up to you to figure it out! Several images of different Pokemon are spread out before you, each of them blurred, twisted, and manipulated in a way to make its identity incomprehensible. Do you think you have what it takes to recognize the creatures beyond the distortions? Correct answers will land you not only a generous ticket prize, but your very own living variant of the secret Pokemon as well! You have only one guess per image, however, so be sure to make your decisions wisely. Think it's too hard to muster up even the wildest of guesses? We'll give you just a tiny hint: all the Pokemon are related to the current festival in some way.

Keep an eye on the activities here!

Activity: Seasonal Lottery


Are you feeling particularly lucky today? Now is your chance to show the world just how lucky you truly are by taking your chances in the seasonal lottery! The rules are simple: with a small fee of 10R per ticket, earn yourself a chance to win some delectable prizes. If fate is really on your side, you might just get your hands on an exclusive pet that's not obtainable anywhere else! The winning tickets are completely randomized, and you'll earn a prize no matter what. You can also buy as many tickets as you like. So step right up and take your chances because, changes are, today is your lucky day!

Purchase your lottery tickets here!

January 2024 News

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Happy New Year's Day, everyone! It's the beginning of yet another revolution around the sun and therefore, a fresh start not just for all of us, but for Glowchus as well! We want to take a moment to say, once again, how much we appreciate you all and how much fun it's been having the community actively together again - especially this past year or so. Things have been really popping around here and we've had so many new people join the fray - and not just new people either! This past year has definitely been the year of returning faces. Hopefully it will be an amazing one for us all - but as for Glowchus, we have a lot of things planned and updates to cover, so we're just going to dive right into it!

Beta Status

The original plan was for the website to be out of beta by the time New Years rolled around, but unfortunately, we're not really comfortable saying that we're officially past the beta phase at this point in time. We're getting there, but we're not quite there yet. We're aiming for sometime within the next few months here, with a worst case scenario of mid-late June. There are too many features that haven't been implemented and values that are subject to change, but we're actively working on them almost every day of the week.

Staff Pay

We have come to a mutual agreement that, as of New Year's Day 2024, website staff (founders included) will no longer receive staff pay. Members of the Glowchus administrative team will play the game and make their earnings through said participation - the same as everyone else. From this point forward, with the sole exception of those of you contributing art to the community, staff positions will be purely volunteer and will not receive benefits in absolutely any way.

G2 Main Story Events

Generation 2 Main Story Prompts are available for both Sun and Moon for G2-001 through G2-005. Sun has an extra two prompts and theirs go all the way through G2-007, but we're struggling to find some of the information for earlier RS events so we need to decide whether we're going to rewrite them or keep searching for what we had previously. But we're still steadily working on getting them all uploaded!

G2 Post Story Events

G2 Post Story Prompts are live, starting with New Beginnings! Those of you who have been with us for a long time may recognize this prompt, as it was the first one we ran back when we had the original website! It's been updated a little bit since then. It's Plot Point and two associated Mission prompts will hopefully be along here shortly, but we're still missing a lot of the information we had previously and, like the G2 Main Story events, we need to decide whether we want to keep searching for what we had or just start rewriting things entirely.

Monthly Prompts

Monthly prompts should have begun the minute this update post went live, starting with Begin Again! From this point forward, there will be a new prompt with unique themes to participate in every month. We're still opting for the more leisurely/laid back approach to ARPGs, so these prompts will have no deadline, but each one can only be participated in once per user.

Evolved Characters

Glowchus is an ARPG, meaning that every form of both character and user progression is earned through participation in prompts, buying items, etc. Characters registered on the website can start at either their base or baby stages - they cannot be fully or partially evolved. This is nothing new - this was a feature in this community even as far back as the beginning of RS. Nevertheless, we've had some characters sneaking through the cracks and starting their ARPG adventures at evolutionary stages they shouldn't have. We just wanted to post this as a general reminder that characters cannot start out at evolved stages and while some characters have managed to get away with it, we'll be really cracking down on that sort of thing starting this year!

Radiance Distribution

There was some talk about possibly increasing the gallery rate for Radiance, so we wanted to let you guys know that, what we decided on instead, was change the prompt submission rate for Radiance. Because the focus of the ARPG has always been the progression of the player/their character through prompt submissions, we figured that the best way to go about any increase in Radiance distribution would be through ARPG specific activity. So prompts have had their Radiance distribution boosted by x2 (ex. storyline prompts were previously 15R but now they're 30R). It's possible that we may do one more boost in the future, but we're going to wait and see how these rates hold up first. Remember, we're still in beta and systems/rates/etc are subject to change drastically throughout this time period. Once we're out of beta, things like this won't change (and if they do, it will not be without good reason).

Character Submission Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for Main Characters have been lifted. You no longer need to meet any goals before you can submit new Main Characters. This is not the case for Sides, however. They will still be following the same guidelines for the time being. We are, however, reducing the eligibility requirements for them to a 1 week cooldown + at least 1 gallery submission (not counting their masterlist art).

* * *

Once again, happy new years everyone!! We're so grateful for all the people who make up this incredible community and we're looking forward to seeing what this year (and hopefully many more to come) bring us!

Glowchus Site Revival

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Hello and welcome to the official opening of the Glowchus website [take two]! We’re super excited to have the opportunity to breathe life back into this wonderful community of nearly fifteen years. Thank you all for sticking with us and for being so willing and eager to partake in everything that we do (and plan to do) here in the Glowchus community! We finally have our website, but there’s still a lot to do and prepare for, so if you’re all ready, let’s get into it!

For the first couple of months or so, the website will be in a “beta” phase of sorts. During this time, we’ll be getting information posted, systems ironed out, and events uploaded. Because we’re sort of building ourselves back up from scratch, things will be subject to the most amount of change during this time period. Rules and guidelines that we started with at launch might not be the same as what we ultimately end up with at the conclusion of the beta phase. This could mean that you’ll see anything from differences in radiance distribution for submissions, to changes in character registration guidelines, and everything in between. But please bear with us! We’re working hard to create a functioning, sustainable ARPG community that will hopefully last us for years to come.

That said, we know there’s not a whole lot here at the moment. The addition of systems and activities will happen progressively with time. For the time being, however, we have a breakdown of everything currently available on site outlined below:

  • Gallery Submissions:
    • Earn radiance by submitting images [both old and new] to our on-site gallery. We’re starting fresh here in the Glowchus community, so anything you may have submitted previously to the ARPG in the past can be resubmitted for radiance once again!
  • Character Registrations:
    • We’re starting off slow during the beta phase of the ARPG, so members are eligible to register both one G1 character and one G2 character roughly every two weeks [with a few exceptions and requirements in between].
  • Prompts & Minigames:
    • We don’t have a lot to do, activity wise, on site at this point in time, but our discord server is bustling with events to participate in. Right now we have two ongoing activities: Draw the Glowchu Above and Favorite Pokemon Time.
  • Shops:
    • We have a few shops with an equally few items available to purchase. These will mostly be character creation items such as vouchers and eggs, but more will be added as we delve deeper into the development of the ARPG

Some helpful tutorials on how to partake in our current activities can be found here.

For now, our priorities are getting systems fully outlined and implemented as well as getting Legacy prompts back up alongside some current storyline events that members will be able to participate in. Other things like pets and more items and worldbuilding information will likely come in later or slowly alongside more important aspects of the ARPG. We’re actively working toward everything at pretty much all hours of the day right now! We’re so excited to bring this world to everyone once again in a more unified and collective space. So thank you for your patience as we get things set up once more <3